Making a To-Do List...a Giant One.

We've made some serious progress in the last couple of weeks. Since we discovered we are in fact "expecting", we've been faced with a mountain of obstacles. The day we found out we were going to add a bundle of joy to our little non-traditional family Simon was still regularly interviewing at European funds, I had no solutions for a job abroad lined up, we had no idea what city or even country we'd be calling home in just a few months, and neither of us had any idea how the logistics would work out. Its true we're both professionals, we both are well versed in handling high value, high risk circumstances with no clear outcome. We're both confident in our own ability to "make it work". It was a major leap of faith at the time to say "Yes. Lets leave our lives as we know it behind right this very moment and take on an entirely new adventure." Looking back, I think we're both happy we could tap into that impulsiveness.

Today I sit here writing with more than just blind faith that everything will somehow work out. Simon begins his dream job in Berlin in a little over 2 weeks. I will be working from home beginning in November. Simon is picking out an apartment as we speak and shortly after my last day of work here in the US, Simba, Snookie, and I will be getting on a plane and officially moving to Germany.
We've got a budget created, we've narrowed down our apartment search to just 2 areas of Berlin, we've negotiated our work contracts, and we've started one GIANT To-Do list. Progress is satisfying.

Today's topic...Immigration.
Simon is a German national but I'm not. Let me first just say...I have never seen a website with contact information so well hidden. The US embassy in Germany, and the German embassy in DC obviously do not want your phone calls. From everything we've found out thus far (from myriad phone calls with an assortment of family planning hotlines, German insurance agents, US immigration lawyers, websites, forums, and articles galore) the process isn't too hard. The timing of submitting documents, signing papers, and traveling before I'm too far into pregnancy seems to be the most finicky of it all.

Don't get me wrong...we're still trying to solve 8 million problems. How do I fly with 2 cats? Can a sewing machine be considered "hand luggage"? What do I do with my car? Will anyone buy my yoga mat if I put it on Craigslist? When do we buy a mattress? Health Insurance? What should I do about my bank account? Where is the nearest dump? Etc.

 This is definitely quite the project. I'll keep you updated. Just 6 weeks left until the big move!

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