T-Shirt Dress 5 Ways

Having a baby for a lot of people means also having a budget. We're no exception and with our first trip back to the states approaching at the end of October and the Holidays not so far off, we are totally dedicated to sticking to the plan. That being said, I needed a wardrobe update. Badly. When we moved I was seriously pregnant and I stuffed my suitcase almost exclusively with stretchy pants. 6 months postpartum I've lost all the baby weight and I'm ready to feel sexy and well dressed again. Ok, "well dressed" might be a little over exaggerating it. I'm basically guaranteed to be covered in spit up at least a few times during the day. But I'm tired of dressing like I just got back from yoga. So I went on a mini shopping spree and spent €100 at H&M on some cute and versatile basics. I'll wait until our US trip to do some real shopping though.

One of my favorite pieces I brought home is this gray, jersey t-shirt dress. Check out the 5 different ways I styled it.

This is Berlin and I'm blending in
T-shirt dress + leggings + grandpa sweater + braided belt + printed scarf

I like this outfit. Its not exactly me, but it looks hipster chic enough to fit in on the not-so-mean streets of Berlin. Just picture it with an eco friendly coffee cup and my bugaboo. Its comfy too.

Sweater weather

This is probably the easiest look i could come up with. Layer the t-shirt dress with an over sized sweater and toss in a great bag for something like a boho style. Again, it fits in with the Berlin hipster scene, but the shortness of the dress makes it cool.

Sexy but appropriate
I think this is my favorite configuration. I'm a sucker for short skirts and high heels. The neutral blazer takes a look with a super short skirt and knee-high boots to a mature place that saves it from being trashy. I found this really cute, structured tote on Alibaba which I think helps to elevate the whole thing. Where would I wear it to? This feels like a weekend look. Maybe put it on the list for running errands that require me to be an adult. Like checking out Kitas for Kasper or something.

Sure, lets go to the park
While we're on the subject of this cute blazer from Mark. by Avon let me just that it is super versatile. I just tied up the t-shirt dress on one side and added the blazer and a pair of distressed Levis. If I was still an office person, I would have totally worn this to work. I had this great, simple, gold pendant necklace on too, but Kasper's little baby thigh is in the way. He decided to jump in on the photo shoot at this point.

When you think about it, this outfit isn't actually sporty at all. It does give this athletic vibe though. I like it because it's simple but the pink tipped shoes offer something unexpected. Its sporty in a different way than yoga pants are.

Let me see your T-shirt dresses! Link to your style below and let me know what you think of mine.

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