Preparing for Vacation

We're getting ready to go on our vacation and I've been preparing for it all week. This will be Kasper's first trip to the US and I'm admittedly a little nervous about taking him on such a long and involved excursion.

I'm always worried that I'm going to forget something, especially for a big trip like this one. I began making To-Do lists and packing lists and "Don't Forget" lists weeks ago, and I think I've finally organized my vacation preparation into one neat and tidy list of tasks. The list sits snugly inside my vacation folder along with all the other important info we need for the trip.

Check out these helpful downloads to make your vacation preparation go smoothly! Both documents are available as free downloads. Enjoy!

Download The Folder checklist to keep all your vacation documents organized.

Download the Vacation Preparation checklists to make sure you don't forget anything before you leave.

If you like these let me know! I use lots of lists like these to prepare for my own vacations and can add more if you find them useful! I have printables for vacation budget, travel confirmations, vacation itinerary, and more!

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