Bamboo Cooking Spoons

Any good cook will tell you that there are no substitutes for wooden kitchen spoons. I have memories of my childhood, climbing up on counter tops to stir my dad's famous spaghetti sauce with a big wooden spoon. I can also remember my little Italian Grama chasing me around the house with a kitchen spoon threatening spankings after I drew on the walls of her pristine, white bedroom.

Now that I'm all grown up with a kitchen and wooden spoons of my own, I've decided to update the concept. I picked up this set of bamboo utensils at Marshall's for $2.78, and $.99 paint at Jo-Ann fabrics, to create paint dipped kitchen spoons.

To start you will need your paint. I chose a yellow-green and light blue to help liven up my kitchen, tape, a sponge brush, and your wood spoons.

 Tape about half way down the handle of the spoons and press the tape to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Paint the handles from the tape up with the sponge brush. The spoons will require several coats because the wood absorbs the paint. Paint with the grain of the wood to achieve a natural texture. I used a hair dryer to lessen the time between coats. If you start the next coat of paint before the first dries you will get obvious brush lines in the finished color.

Peel off the tape as soon as your final coat is completed. Let dry at least 2 hours before using.

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