The NYC Ballet

Ballet has been intertwined with my life from as far back as I can remember. I started at about 2 years old, taking lessons at small studio near our house in the city.

 I haven't been to the ballet in NYC for a few years. In college there just wasn't enough time or money to take the trip back home and splurge on something so luxurious as tickets the ballet. I admit, though, that I hadn't really even thought of it the last few times I've been in the city. This year for Christmas Simon presented me with a lego set entitled "Olivia and Simon take the carriage to the New York Ballet". When I opened the box to find the white envelope with our tickets I was ecstatic. Truthfully I think almost cried (I got him Nets tickets for what turned out to be the same weekend).

We saw a compilation of several different pieces at the Metropolitan Opera. The first was Swan Lake. I thought it was a good performance and it was Simon's favorite of the 3 (This was his first time ever seeing a ballet). The second piece was a Tchaikovsky which was phenomenal. It was technical and unique, and the dancers were perfect. There was no set, just lighting and the bare stage. The dancers wore corals and pale greens. I was mesmerized the entire time. Simon did not share my feelings, I think it was a little too emotional for him to get on board with. The third and final piece was also a Tchaikovsky, and also good.


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